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How do we intend to process your personal data?

As a company engaged in the provision of specific goods and services, we process your personal data only as much as we may need to fulfill our obligations under our contract with you, as well as to prepare an offer for such a contract.
We will store the personal data you have provided to us for the purposes of performing the Goods and Services Contract to which you are a party when sending a request or inquiry from our site as well as in a longer period to the extent required of the applicable normative acts regulating the accounting and cash flow control requirements of the company.

Which data we process:

In order to fulfill our obligations with you under our service contract and to prepare an offer for such a contract, we will process your following personal data categories:
(1) names;
(2) e-mail;
(3) telephone number;
(4) address.
The listed categories of personal data are only those you provide to us when making an order or requesting an offer from us. We will not request any personal data from you except those for the preparation of the offer and for the fulfillment of the contract for the provision of goods and services.
We may be required to process and store personal data on legal grounds and to achieve regulatory compliance, for example, to prevent, detect or investigate a crime, prevent loss, fraud or other financial misconduct.

What are your rights:

Please be advised that, as a personal data subject, the GDPR provides you with several additional rights to the previous legal framework. These include:
1. You may ask us to access and correct or delete your personal data or limit the processing of the data subject or the right to object to the processing if you believe it is not being performed in the legally established manner.
2. You are also entitled to data portability – this means that you have the right to request that the personal data you have provided to us relating to you be transmitted to you in a widely used machine-readable format and that you have the right to request we may transfer these personal data to third parties without undue delay.
3. If at any time a dispute arises between you and us on matters concerning the lawfulness of the processing of your personal data, you are also entitled to refer the matter to the Personal Data Protection Commission.
If you have any questions about the privacy protection of your personal data, or if you wish to exercise any of your legal rights to correct, restrict, manipulate, access, transmit, and delete as outlined in our Privacy Policy, you may also contact us directly at the specified email address.
You can find detailed information in our Privacy Policy as well as in our Cookies Policy.

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