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Damaskina Ltd. is a company founded in 2014 with main activity of manufacturing cosmetics and trading of essential oils. The company is relatively young, but in a short time it has entered a number of countries. We work with highly qualified employees who have many years of experience in producing high quality cosmetics, series with different types of essential oils.
Today we have company stores in Plovdiv and Prague. Our shops are distinguished not only by beautiful products but also by their pleasant atmosphere.



The company works hard on expanding its production by creating natural cosmetics: face, body and hair care. The products contain natural essential oils produced by the company and, as a result, the aroma of the products is acquired from nature.


The company's products are protected by a trademark, registered throughout the European Union and beyond, with a DAMASKINA production sign and a stamp as required by the relevant legislation. Our products are certified by the Ministry of Health with health certificate HEALTH CERTIFICATE FOR EXPORT OF COSMETICS PRODUCT.
The company monitors world trends not only in cosmetics, but also in the field of marketing and business. We want to capture the modern trends and synchronize them with our sales tools, as more and more sales take place online, and moreover, to enable more people to experience our products.
We do not intend to sever our personal contact with the customer and we will continue to develop our company stores through our partners, which on one hand will be great places for tasting of drinks and rose oil foods and on the other hand will give our customers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with our products.

Rosa Damascena

Rosa Damascena

The rose has always been a symbol of beauty, youth and health. This regal plant occupies a special place in the hearts of people from ancient times and is the foundation of many romantic tales, legends and stories that excite today. The incomparable aroma, delicate tenderness and extraordinary qualities of this gift of nature bring a sense of luxury and joy.

Traditions and culture

The Valley of roses and the Thracian kings

Unique natural gifts and historical heritage - this is the shortest description of the Rose Valley in Bulgaria. Transported from India through Persia, Syria and Turkey, the oil-bearing rose finds here all the favorable conditions for growing. Since the 17th century Bulgaria has been one of the main producers of rose oil. The extraction of Bulgarian rose oil is accompanied by centuries-old cultural traditions. The rose picking is done by hand, and the picking begins early in the morning and continues no later than noon. The Bulgarian rose oil has won gold medals at exhibitions around the world. The ritual of ``Rose picking and Rose distillation`` is the annual central event for the official guests and foreign tourists during the culmination day of the centuries-old Rose Festival in Kazanlak.

Ancient Thracian culture existed in ancient times on the territory of the picturesque Rose Valley. Under the waters of Koprinka dam is the only fully studied so far Thracian city Sevtopolis - an ancient city founded by the Thracian king Seuthes III. In the Kazanlak valley there are Thracian tombs - masterpieces of the monumental and fine art of antiquity.

Extraordinary and stylish

Gift sets

The products obtained from the blossoms of Rosa Damascena and the Lavender blossoms are among the best in hair, body and face care.
All products of the series include 100% natural essential oils without synthetic fragrances.


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